High-quality materials, a customer-specific design and circuit layout, are produced and assembled in Germany – as a holistic system provider, we deliver well-thought-out and coordinated solutions for complete assemblies consisting of housings, input fields and electronics.


As a PCB manufacturer, electronics was and is our core competence. Take advantage of decades of experience and the know-how from hundreds of successfully realized projects. Focus on your idea and design – together we will realize your product in an innovative and unconventional way.


Together with you, we transform your idea into a product ready for series production.

Experts from the field of hardware and software development are at your disposal.

The product development is carried out according to your specifications, taking into account the technical feasibility.

We adapt to your individual application and requirements.


In the construction by FELA, the front glass, components and housings, up to the packaging, are parts of the overall concept.

We optimally coordinate these.

The customer can choose from a wide range of materials made of various plastics and metals.


Prototypes serve a better visualization and mediation of the special feel of glass input systems.

At the same time, adjustments to design and glass processing can be made at this stage.

The glass control unit can be provided as a functionless design pattern within a very short time.

The construction parts can be manufactured quickly and easily with our 3D printer. For this purpose we use PLA, ABS-M30 and ASA materials


The types of glass available on the market differ in their chemical composition, production method and behaviour in glass processing.

In our glass processing, we can process and refine almost all available glasses for the production of input systems.

  • Float glass also as white glass or grey glass
  • Safety glass, thermally prestressed or chemically tempered glass (ESG)
  • Laminated safety glass (VSG)

The glass thickness varies between 2 – 5 mm, but as a rule 3- to 4 mm thick glasses are most commonly used. On request, we are happy to offer you further options.


Design print

Bright colours, engraved contours, high contrasts – our technology allows for high resolutions and colour gradients.

Whether logo, corporate design colours or graphics – there are almost no limits to creativity.

FELA design printing is a special printing process that allows particularly clear contours.

The organic inks used are created according to an individually developed colour formulation and are UV-stable due to the printing behind glass.



In recent years, FELA has invested in state-of-the-art CNC-controlled machining centers for glass processing and finishing.

These allow a wide variety of processes such as separating, grinding, drilling and polishing to a high gloss. 

We are therefore able to realize almost any desired geometry, guide aids such as fingertip cuts or sliders or various edge shapes with high precision.


Mechanical buttons

FELA offers a switch comparable to the "home button" of the iPhone, mechanical and industrial-grade.

This is made of the same material, closes flush with the surrounding input unit and thus offers the advantage of the homogeneous surface.


  • Diameter 14 – 18 mm
  • max. diameter for symbol 11.6 mm
  • Glass thickness 3 – 4 mm
  • Installation depth behind glass 7 mm



We produce exclusively at our location in Villingen-Schwenningen and source our glass from German manufacturers.


We produce exclusively at our location in Villingen-Schwenningen in the Black Forest and work together with regional partners in an innovation cluster.

A modern machine park, qualified personnel and constant, production-accompanying tests ensure our high quality standards.

FELA has been certified according to
DIN 9001:2015 for thirty years.




FELA sees itself as a complete service provider – this includes the assembly of complete devices and systems up to their dispatch directly to the end customer.

We have flexible mounting stations for effective and safe final assembly.

On request, we can take over the installation of system software including function and matching tests as well as a final functional test of the fully assembled device.



In principle, all electronic components are checked electronically before delivery.

Depending on the conditions of use, industry and requirements for the product, we offer you further standardized tests such as EMC test, CE certification or a temperature change test.

It is also a good function test in the installation situation, taking into account hardware and software within the agreed services.