The switch or the switch series is the first own product of FELA GmbH. The FELA SWITCH switch series comes standard in three colours (black, white, silver-grey) and with up to four freely configurable buttons.

Depending on the target group or requirements for interface and installation, there are different variants. These differ not only in the type of transmission but also in their size.

Our FELA SWITCH is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a high-quality switch as an uncomplicated and individual addition to an existing switch range. Both a fancy design or a simple, elegant solution that integrates inconspicuously are possible.

Noble materials such as glass, hardwood and granite or aluminium for the frame underline the value of both switches and luminaires. Glass in particular offers a unique variety in design. This material has a pleasant feel and retains its original beauty for years. In addition, it is easy to care for, hygienic and does not take advantage of.


The FELA SWITCH CASAMBI allows for a high degree of flexibility in interior design, shop and trade fair construction or lighting in public spaces in an elegant, individual way.

With casAMBI's energy-saving Bluetooth technology, luminaires can be controlled from anywhere in the room.


Especially for installation in the mobile home – whether camper, caravan or yacht.

The FELA SWITCH CARAVAN is suitable for the special space conditions on the go and is compatible with the usual communication protocols.


With our configurator you can create your individual version of the FELA SVET from one piece. Choose from two sizes, three colors, up to four buttons and over 500 modern icons.

For individual icons or a switch with your logo, please contact us directly via switch@fela.de