FELA SWITCH - maßgeschneiderte Lösungen

In addition to the BASE version, we also offer the FELA SWITCH as a VARIATION or MANUFAKTUR version. In this way, each individual switch can be designed to match the existing design and your own wishes. A switch in different versions – so everyone gets what they want and pays only what they really need.

At first glance, the first FELA SWITCH program differs from the usual offerings on the smart home market. The shiny glass surface is not interrupted by anything, no recesses, buttons or fastening screws. The extremely flat construction and the reduced design give the FELA SWITCH a distinctive character.

BASE - elegant und unkompliziert

In our BASE version, you can choose from up to 4 switch variants in three colours (white, silver and black). These are easy to assemble and easily extend your existing smart home system. The switch variant is the perfect choice for those who prefer a clear and simple design or who want to flexibly prove their switch with changed functions again and again.

VARIANTE - ein bisschen individueller und beleuchtet

Can it be a bit more individual? Do you have a clear idea of which functions your switch should operate? Illuminated buttons or symbols and your individual logo are a must for your switch program?

In addition to the BASE version, the VARIATION offers you several possibilities to make your switch unique and adapt it to your personal designs. Alternatively, you can also offer this individualization to your customers – each switch thus becomes a high-quality single piece.

Just like the BASE variant, you have a choice of 12 basic types – 1.2 or 4 buttons in the colours white, silver or black. In addition, you can personalize the buttons with an icon from our 500-piece symbol library. Each switch thus becomes a unique piece – just to suit your needs and thus offers the perfect lighting control for your home.

In addition, the icons can be illuminated, providing direct feedback on activated luminaires and scenarios. This is.B possible, for example, if the mobile switch is used to select a scenario in another room or if certain programmings are time-delayed.

MANUFAKTUR - frei nach Ihrem Traumdesign

Our design options are as diverse as your wishes. Whether a completely individualized version of the FELA SWITCH in corporate design colours with your logo or the use of alternative materials such as hardwood or stone for the front panel – both are possible and have already been realized by us.

Unlike the BASE or VARIATION versions, you can freely decide on all parameters in the MANUFAKTUR – whether the size, shape, material or number or arrangement of the buttons. For the visible design unit, the switch, basically any non-conductive raw material is suitable, but the possibilities for later individualization, such as .B the insertion of icons or lighting scenarios, vary.

Glass offers a comparatively unique variety in terms of general parameters such as size and shape as well as in terms of design freedom. For this purpose, glass has a pleasant feel and represents a high-quality and durable material. In our state-of-the-art CNC-controlled glass manufacturer, we are able to realize almost any desired geometry, guide aids such as fingertip cuts, wheel or sliders or various edge shapes with high precision.

A special feature is our mechanical, coin-sized glass switch (inline key) with Apple's home button. This can be actively "pressed" and has a hub. Nevertheless, it closes flush and dense with the surrounding input unit and is made of the same glass. For the design, this means the same gloss, the same appearance and the same feel – along with identical colour design and print quality.