Philips Hue, IKEA Tradfri, Xiaomi Yeelight, OSRAM or Google Asisstant – everything that has rank and name is active in the highly competitive market of
SMART HOME switches.

Why do we, as a medium-sized company, still offer our own counter? We are convinced that we can do it better and, above all, more beautifully!

What distinguishes our switch? It is exceptional and personal – a handmade unique piece, designed according to your individual wishes.

Tailored to your luminaire, taste and needs. To this end, we combine the technical advantages and best ideas of the big ones with our expertise in the field of electronics as well as glass processing. Simple and comfortable for a better quality of life.

FELA SWITCH: So wie SMART HOME sein sollte - individuell, hochwertig und fürs Leben gemacht

Hochwertige Materialien für ein Design mit Stil

Our FELA SWITCH is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a high-quality switch as an uncomplicated and individual addition to an existing range of switches or luminaires. Both a fancy design or a simple, elegant solution that integrates inconspicuously are possible.

Noble materials such as glass, hardwood and granite or aluminium for the frame underline the value of both switches and luminaires. Glass in particular offers a unique variety in design. This material has a pleasant feel and retains its original beauty for years. In addition, it is easy to care for, hygienic and does not take advantage of.

Vier Tasten, vier frei programmierbare Funktionen

Your light can now be controlled even more conveniently: simply pressing the FELA SWITCH. Our switch is available with up to 4 buttons, depending on your personal taste and needs. These can be freely used with functions in the free Casambi app.

Possible functions include .B switching on and off, dimming or retrieving scenarios. Recurring processes only have to be defined once and can then be retrieved with a short click.

FELA SWITCH - Ihre Vorteile

  • Consistently simple – assembly, programming and operation
  • Easy control at the touch of a button
  • Versatile features such as on/off, dimming or scenarios
  • High-quality and sustainable materials
  • Battery, inductively chargeable battery or fixed wired
  • Flexible use in any room (mobile version)
  • Suitable for standard flush-mounted cans, flexibly mountable on the wall or 100% mobile
  • Made in Germany – developed and handmade in the Black Forest

Einfache Konfiguration und Steuerung per App

More than just light on / light off? With the Casambi app, the entire light can be controlled easily and intuitively. This applies not only to luminaires with Casambi modules, but also other light sources such as .B. Philips Hue lamps can be easily controlled. With just one click, the setup is complete and your Smart Lighting is ready for use.

The app offers a variety of useful features. For example.B luminaires can be controlled individually or in groups. Certain light colors and/or dimming levels can be saved as scenes and retrieved at the touch of a button or automatically played by timer.


FAQs zum Casambi Schalter / FELA SWITCH

Wo ist der FELA SWITCH erhältlich?

The FELA SWITCH is only available for commercial customers (B2B). If you are interested, we will be happy to create an individual offer or visit with a large selection of samples.

Contact: switch@fela.de

Wird ein Gateway oder sonstige zusätzliche Hardware benötigt?

No, unlike Philipps Hue, Xiaomi Yeelight or Telekom Magenta, you don't need a gateway or other hardware.

The system used is based on Bluetooth 4.0 – any casambi-equipped luminaire can be controlled immediately via the app and the FELA SWITCH. All Casambi modules function simultaneously as transmitters and receivers. Thus, they form a complex, in-itself network that functions without central control.

If necessary, a smartphone or tablet integrated into the system can be configured as a gateway and thus manage the luminaire network from anywhere.

Was unterscheidet den stationären vom mobilen Schalter?

The stationary switch is inserted directly into a flush-mounted box and connected to the existing 230 volt circuit in the house. In the MANUFAKTUR version, a bus connection to KNX, Dali etc. is also possible.

The mobile switch is available with both a battery and an inductively rechargeable battery. Both variants can be flexibly connected to any room from anywhere (range approx. 25 m indoors). The battery life is about 2 years. The battery is charged via the supplied wall bracket.

Gibt es den Schalter auch mit einer oder mehreren anderen Schnittstellen?

In the BASE and VARIATION versions, the switch is currently only available with a Casambi module.

The MANUFAKTUR VARIANTE is available with all common wired and wireless interfaces such as.B ZigBee, Z-Wave, WLAN, KNX, UART, ModBus, CAN-Bus, discrete I/O, I2C, SPI. Our project management will be happy to discuss details with you.

Kann ein Schalter angesehen oder Muster vorab bestellt werden?

As a B2B partner, you are welcome to visit the entire BASE range of switches as well as a variety of patterns for VARIATION and MANUFAKTUR at our Villingen-Schwenningen site in our visitor centre. Please make an appointment with our sales department .B via vertrieb@fela.de


As part of MANUFAKTUR orders, you will also receive non-functional design samples for approval during the course of the project