FELA SWITCH is a unique, modern switch series that relies on high-quality materials such as glass and technical innovations. This is a flexible, modular system that allows you to depict a wide range of switching situations elegantly and homogeneously.

Behind a design glass hide capacitive sensors and a sophisticated, technically proven evaluation electronics. The connection is very simple – the switch is integrated into the system with just a few simple steps.

The easy installation, a low installation depth of only 7 mm and the high degree of individualization make the switch perfect for challenging installation situations such as .B in furniture construction, caravans and motorhomes as well as boat construction.



  • 1-fold, 2-fold or 4-fold universal switch
  • 64 x 64 mm external dimension and approx. 7 mm installation depth
  • 3 colors (standard) or on request any RAL / Pantone tone
  • Interface discrete or BUS
  • Individualization / Labeling with icons (standard)



The modern design with soft, rounded contours harmonizes with a wide variety of furnishing styles and is extremely adaptable.

The FELA SWITCH is currently available in white, black and silver grey. In addition, it is possible to integrate an individual logo or to choose your own (corporate design) color.


Thin glasses, up to a maximum thickness of 3 mm, combine low weight with high resistance to mechanical and chemical stresses.

  • Has a pleasant feel
  • Consists of natural raw materials
  • Can be combined with almost all materials (optical and physical)
  • Insensitive to temperature fluctuations and stable in shape
  • Smooth surface does not provide an attack surface for dirt and is easy to clean




Unlike the cheap plastic counterpart, our switches can be easily and permanently marked with icons or texts.

Since the label is inserted on the back of the switch, it is protected from abrasion and dirt. At the same time, the original optics of the switches are preserved and the marking fits harmoniously into the entire room concept, for example through its own icons.

In the standard, more than 500 modern icons are available for free individualization on predefined fields. In addition, a label with text is possible.

Each switch is – on request – a real one-off. For example, 10 different, unique switches can be designed for an exhibition vehicle or any number of identical switches with e.B. logo, icon or text.



The switch is easy and precise to install. We offer two different installation solutions – others can be developed at any time together with our customers.

Depending on the desired or choice of mounting method, our switch can be mounted flush or with a 3 mm shadow joint.




As standard, our switches have a discrete interface. The number of outputs correlates with the number of buttons, so a scenario switch has e.B. four output pins.

A connection to the usual interface in the industry, the CI bus, can be implemented on request.

In addition, a connection to 12 volts is required for the power supply. Only signals that can be queried via a microcontroller are switched. Power consumption is in the single digit milliampere range.